Pandora Universe



While browsing my destination in SL.caught my attention was the beautiful place of Pandora universe.I met a Na’vi named Nirite and few like ramten, tiranyu,.Nirite showed me the amazing world of the Na’vi people.It’s a sim  very similar to the movie avatar,Nirite  is a Brave huntress of clan txampay,her people and Ikran was killed in desperate try to defend what she most cherished from an unexpected assault of the sky people ….but destruction and ashes cover her past.Eywa guided her injured body to a new place for new is a very interesting roleplay.I am so inlove with Pandora universe,Na’vi people of omatikaya,forest,and  their vibrant, complex culture based on a profound spiritual connection to their moon, to one another, and to the deity they call Eywa.when i saw the tree of life or tree of souls i felt eywa  was real.Explore the amazing universe of Pandora,and meet my avatar Neytiri.







my sisters luna and quin and me at pandora universe


Tree of life/tree of souls




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