The Vein Horde

The Vein Horde is a clan registered to Bloodlines.The ultimate secondlife Vampire and Lycan system.The vein  is a small clan in bloodlines but i considered it as my family and home.It was established early 2012.the vein land was located at Kilbert.Vampgilv is the proud leader,founder of the vein and she is hybrid lycan dominant,she is a very nice  person.With the total 149 members and counting,we have vampires,lycans,hybrids and human members.Vampgirlv and Katerina petrova (yours truly)are best of friends so they came up with this idea of building a clan family,they belong to different clan respectively before,so they decided to formed this clan.they started with the two of them but since vampgirlv have minions they followed their liege vampgirv and that made the group a good start.we started hunting till  we continue growing.Katerina Petrova became the princess of the vein  with the power vested by the queen vampgilv.Petrova was a hybrid vampire dominant and known Katherine Pierce at present time and Lucianbloodrage as guardian of the vein and one of the respected duke in netherworld,Rock calael who became my first minion and still presently lieged to me.

To become one of us  vampire or a lycan, you must first have your humanity drained. Your humanity can be drained by either vampire bites or lycan attacks, either way, you become a Revenant. Blood and Lumens are valuable, and being a vampire or a lycan gives you the power to convert the humanity of your victims into precious vital blood or lumens of moonlight.To become a vampire from this point, you must refill yourself  of vital blood. To become a lycan, you must refill yourself to lumens. Or, to become a hybrid, you can do both.Every 24 hours, The Curse takes a toll of  our vital blood, or lumens from everyone, unless you have protection from an amulet or totem. If you lose all of your vital blood, you lose all of your collected souls and become destroyed.

The Vein is an organization of leaders who believed in the deep routed truth about heaven and hell,like the tree of  knowledge to the veins in our bodies that pumped to the core of our meek hearts,we are bonded as one in strength and devotion commiting our lives and souls to one purpose alone,one must be a member to fully undertstand what that is.our family heritage shall speak louder than one can interpret.we have been around since the begenning and we shall reign forever.we are the watchers,we are the VEin.



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