Virtual love


 Sympathetic affection,Social affection,Love is  the most amazing feeling we felt inworld.Virtual love, you may call it  fantacy or dreams but sometimes it leads to something good in real life for those who are searching for it. but it feels so good when it strikes your heart.My character as katherine is a strong and very independent woman,but behind the character there’s always some real an avatar we have feelings as well,we learned to socialized and  find love,and sometimes or maybe a lot of times we are hurt.

When i found him and felt the affection,i never imagined it could change my entire second world.When u act like lovers and bestfriend.When u have more playful moments than serious moment.When you exchanged jokes and have unexpected kisses,random hugs,and when you two give each other specific stare and just smile.You go around exploring different places taking pictures,surf,glide,dance,go out for dinner,hunt together,cuddle and roleplay.It’s when you will stay up late all night just to be with him,and even find ways to settle the arguments or problems.Theres comes a point you become more intimate and make love with him.It’s like  love never ends…forever…eternal.

 At the end of the day there’s always heartaches,affliction,agony and darkness.It’s like you’ve been in purgatory or hell and left  all alone.But u need to stand still to continue your journey.Life must go on,have fun  with your adventures,go out with your friends.You have feet in your shoes,so steer yourself in any direction you choose,and someday there will always be someone who aprreciate your worth,your mysterios beauty deep within which is not visible to the eyes.and able to find somebody who is deserving to your love.


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