Pandora Universe



While browsing my destination in SL.caught my attention was the beautiful place of Pandora universe.I met a Na’vi named Nirite and few like ramten, tiranyu,.Nirite showed me the amazing world of the Na’vi people.It’s a sim  very similar to the movie avatar,Nirite  is a Brave huntress of clan txampay,her people and Ikran was killed in desperate try to defend what she most cherished from an unexpected assault of the sky people ….but destruction and ashes cover her past.Eywa guided her injured body to a new place for new is a very interesting roleplay.I am so inlove with Pandora universe,Na’vi people of omatikaya,forest,and  their vibrant, complex culture based on a profound spiritual connection to their moon, to one another, and to the deity they call Eywa.when i saw the tree of life or tree of souls i felt eywa  was real.Explore the amazing universe of Pandora,and meet my avatar Neytiri.







my sisters luna and quin and me at pandora universe


Tree of life/tree of souls




My SL firsts meme

I never involved in any Strawberry Singh meme till i read lana quicksand firsts meme,so this is my first time and i found it so much fun while answering them because it reminds me how i started playing secondlife.btw this is my first avatar skin


  1. First SL Friend:bigmike, he’s an old friend of mine from my previous game yoville he’s no longer on my friendslist,he taught me alot about  sl,we play alot before and we have so many memorable fun together.unfortunately,we dont talked a lot  anymore because of some reasons.he will always be my friend no matter what.
  2. First SL Kiss: bigmike again,as what im saying he taught me a lot.
  3. First SLex time/place/partner:bigmike,forgot where and when
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: my first boyfriend was Rock calael,met him august 8,2012 when he accidentally landed on me when we both teleporting while looking for an auction land,we start officially dating october 24,2012 broke up december 20,2012 my rl birthday, then after that devastating break-up i met Keithwilliams46 and never work out aswell,i was never partnered,been engaged twice but never got married.
  5. First SL Job: never got a job to earned lindens,i just come to have fun.
  6. First SL Creation: im not good in building but i remember i built a chair and table for two
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: I never got a chance meeting linden
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity: not sure if they are real.
  9. First SL Sim you fell in love with: boogie wonderland was the first sim i fell inlove with
  10. First SL Blog Post:All about Katherine,march 14,2013      

        I hope you enjoyed knowing about my past,I really enjoyed this meme fun fun fun, how can i forget my sl firsts meme.

The Vein Horde

The Vein Horde is a clan registered to Bloodlines.The ultimate secondlife Vampire and Lycan system.The vein  is a small clan in bloodlines but i considered it as my family and home.It was established early 2012.the vein land was located at Kilbert.Vampgilv is the proud leader,founder of the vein and she is hybrid lycan dominant,she is a very nice  person.With the total 149 members and counting,we have vampires,lycans,hybrids and human members.Vampgirlv and Katerina petrova (yours truly)are best of friends so they came up with this idea of building a clan family,they belong to different clan respectively before,so they decided to formed this clan.they started with the two of them but since vampgirlv have minions they followed their liege vampgirv and that made the group a good start.we started hunting till  we continue growing.Katerina Petrova became the princess of the vein  with the power vested by the queen vampgilv.Petrova was a hybrid vampire dominant and known Katherine Pierce at present time and Lucianbloodrage as guardian of the vein and one of the respected duke in netherworld,Rock calael who became my first minion and still presently lieged to me.

To become one of us  vampire or a lycan, you must first have your humanity drained. Your humanity can be drained by either vampire bites or lycan attacks, either way, you become a Revenant. Blood and Lumens are valuable, and being a vampire or a lycan gives you the power to convert the humanity of your victims into precious vital blood or lumens of moonlight.To become a vampire from this point, you must refill yourself  of vital blood. To become a lycan, you must refill yourself to lumens. Or, to become a hybrid, you can do both.Every 24 hours, The Curse takes a toll of  our vital blood, or lumens from everyone, unless you have protection from an amulet or totem. If you lose all of your vital blood, you lose all of your collected souls and become destroyed.

The Vein is an organization of leaders who believed in the deep routed truth about heaven and hell,like the tree of  knowledge to the veins in our bodies that pumped to the core of our meek hearts,we are bonded as one in strength and devotion commiting our lives and souls to one purpose alone,one must be a member to fully undertstand what that is.our family heritage shall speak louder than one can interpret.we have been around since the begenning and we shall reign forever.we are the watchers,we are the VEin.


Virtual love


 Sympathetic affection,Social affection,Love is  the most amazing feeling we felt inworld.Virtual love, you may call it  fantacy or dreams but sometimes it leads to something good in real life for those who are searching for it. but it feels so good when it strikes your heart.My character as katherine is a strong and very independent woman,but behind the character there’s always some real an avatar we have feelings as well,we learned to socialized and  find love,and sometimes or maybe a lot of times we are hurt.

When i found him and felt the affection,i never imagined it could change my entire second world.When u act like lovers and bestfriend.When u have more playful moments than serious moment.When you exchanged jokes and have unexpected kisses,random hugs,and when you two give each other specific stare and just smile.You go around exploring different places taking pictures,surf,glide,dance,go out for dinner,hunt together,cuddle and roleplay.It’s when you will stay up late all night just to be with him,and even find ways to settle the arguments or problems.Theres comes a point you become more intimate and make love with him.It’s like  love never ends…forever…eternal.

 At the end of the day there’s always heartaches,affliction,agony and darkness.It’s like you’ve been in purgatory or hell and left  all alone.But u need to stand still to continue your journey.Life must go on,have fun  with your adventures,go out with your friends.You have feet in your shoes,so steer yourself in any direction you choose,and someday there will always be someone who aprreciate your worth,your mysterios beauty deep within which is not visible to the eyes.and able to find somebody who is deserving to your love.

All about Katherine

I was born  on the 18’th day of august 2011 on Second life.My best friend on  virtual world introduced me  SL.I found it very enthralling ,convivial, and exhilarant.My friends call me Emjei or Kat.I am fond of the series  The Vampire diaries that’s why i end up with the name tag of Katherine Pierce.I’m katerina Petrova during my early years on second life.Before i became vampire on virtual world,I was so afraid getting along with vamps.But when i  got a chance to explore on vampire sim,i found it  very interesting,was so puzzed how bloodlines works.So then i became one of them with my friends.My human blood was drained  then drunk vital blood to turned into vampire and followed with lumen blood to become a  lycan,both blood which runs through my vein made me hybrid.I was first lieged to bigmike415 of the volturian clan.then,I met my sister sabyl (vampgirlv) and we got the idea of forming a new clan,and we called it the VEIN ….She is the queen and founder of the Vein.

There is one thing that ties us all together,no matter we are cursed rejected ,alone by choice or in family.The life force from the creator that holds our most previous asset. the one thing we hunger…the VEIN.Being  hybrid vampire dominant princess  of the clan made me became stronger and awesome avatar.I dont hunt a lot because i dont thirst blood,I am protected with my amulet.

Another obsession of mine is inworld photography.I visit different destination inworld in second life,some  places shared by friends on feeds ,some are places i discovered while exploring,I admired the beauty of sunset and sunrise,i also love to dance and meet new friends inworld,it is my getaway from real life.I am also a shapeshifter,I can cast  different spell in a second with the power of the magic huds.,but i dont used it to make fun of others,its my protection against villainous,knavish avatar.

If  you want to meet the sagacious Katherine Pierce drop by here and meet me inworld: